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New Harvard Health Study Reveals How To Revive The Body’s Primal Hormone AND Build Lean Muscle Without Dangerous Drugs! [i] [ii]

*Results will vary based on how long and how closely you follow the information presented, as well as other individual biological factors.

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In This Short Presentation You'll Discover:

  • The tell-tale signs of a low 'MH Factor' and how to defeat it!
  • How to avoid spending hours in a crowded, sweaty, overpriced gym but still obtain that coveted 'V' shape.
  • Which little-known exercise helps switch on the body's natural metabolic multipliers to get the benefits of a 45-minute workout in just 7-minutes flat. 1 2
  • A commonly recommended exercise to avoid that causes hard-to-remove deep belly fat. 3
  • The #1 common mistake men over 40 make when exercising that sabotages their body goal efforts. 4 5

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*Results will vary based on how long and how closely you follow the information presented, as well as other individual biological factors.

What is the One and Done Workout?

After age 30, men begin to lose as much as 3% to 5% of muscle mass per decade and will lose about 30% during their lifetimes.6 Even more alarming is beginning in their 30s, hormone levels may nosedive about 1-2% a year... affecting mood, mind, metabolism, 'mojo' and more.7 8

Oftentimes these body changes trigger panic causing drastic changes to fitness routines… either working out too much, or too long, or are dangerous to the body. 9 10 11


The One and Done Workout is a revolutionary, effective at home workout system that utilizes a hyper-focused training technique called S.I.T. This program takes all the benefits of high-intensity interval training and condenses them down into faster, safer, easy-to-do exercises that focus on total body definition. These low-impact, body sculpting workouts unlock the body's natural metabolic multipliers, giving the benefit of 45-minutes of exercise in just 7-minutes.

You see, normal high-intensity interval training workouts can be jarring and damaging to the body. On the other hand, certain popular exercises may actually sabotage body goals doing more bad than good.

That is why Meredith Shirk -- a certified personal trainer and weight loss and fitness nutrition specialist for nearly two decades -- put together the One and Done Workout... the real deal, producing real results.

Meredith has found that the key to a sustainable, healthy weight as well as lean legs, ripped abs, and that coveted ‘V’ shape doesn't have to do with age, fitness level or past injuries… but rather a unique set of hyper-focused movements and strategic exercise combinations.

Developed from experience. Designed for function. Backed by science. Proven by clients.

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